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The Vintage Roundup | 8th June

Wow, how much fun was The Vintage Roundup?!! 17 stalls packed into Queens Bar, full of the best vintage collections from all around Dunedin. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than being surrounded by so many treasures and like minded people who love the vintage clothing scene as much as I do.

I started this market for many reasons, the first being that I missed  The Mighty Mighty Market in Wellington which was my favourite market and social event in Wellington.  It is held in the popular Mighty Mighty. Bar found on colourful Cuba st and has been running for 5 years straight. So, my goal here in Dunedin was to re-create the same vibe  where you can drink while you shop and Queens Bar Venue seemed the perfect fit with it’s retro interior, large basement space and short walk from the Octagon.


This market is also a good opportunity for online stores and collectors to bring out their wares so people can try them on. It’s also great for customers to meet the shop owners and for newbies to find out where these shops are all located around Dunedin or grab business cards for online shops. I also created this market because of the lack of vintage clothing shops in Dunedin and the high rate at which they are closing down, we really need to keep this industry going! It’s not just a fashion genre, but a culture of eco fashionista’s, who know it’s cool to recycle, reduce, re-use and re-vamp. We understand this is a sustainable fashion, lasting year after year, and we love the creative challenge of mixing vintage into our wardrobes.

I loved seeing the vintage enthusiasts, some sneaking in before opening time, others with handfuls of clothing from the stalls, and people trying on outfit to outfit as they made their way across the room. There was definitely a different vibe upstairs than down. Upstairs was more ‘pumping’ with the bar dishing out a constant stream of coffee and beers. Downstairs was a different world, feeling very relaxed with stall holders lounging around on the comfy furniture.

It was also cool meeting a few new vintage / fashion  bloggers taking photos and getting amongst it and I really appreciate them taking time to write about the event and share it with the world.

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Thanks everyone for coming and see you again for round 3 !! Hopefully in September…

Tannia x

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