Behind The Scenes, Gigs & Party Time

Happy Holidays !!

Hope you all had a fab Christmas !! Here’s our Frankie tree, which has now become our traditional Christmas tree. You don’t have to kill trees to have a good Christmas, there are so many cool alternatives, where you can get creative with family and friends. See more ideas here


Frankie wears:

Wedding dress skirt & matching cuff  | designed by Lucy Clement and  Tannia Lee – Fashion Stylist for Tannia’s wedding in 2006.

Dress | pink 80s  ball dress with sweetheart bodice and sheer skirt

Necklace | Frutti Wellington,

Scarf | pink polkadot scarf tied around bodice for layering

Brooch | green button brooch (gift) from Cambodia.

Earrings | up-cycled from plastic fruit

Headpiece | a mix of scarfs and fake flowers and butterfly





Another tradition we have started since hosting Christmas at our place the last couple of years is our ‘Crazy Glasses Shoot’.  Everyone has to pick a pair of  crazy glasses and own it as I shoot some head-shots.  It’s crack up!

Here’s this years shots…


I also did some fab Christmas shopping at the local Market22 for all the nieces and nephews up North. Meet the  Needlebot Crafts Monsters! I must say…I nailed it this year!

You can purchase your own monster from The Cuckoo’s Nest – Ethical Boutique  or their shop here





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