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What My Winter Wardrobe Revealed

Since moving to Dunedin a couple of years ago, I have bought a ridiculous amount of winter woollies. Because after experiencing your first Dunedin winter you learn that you must wear MANY layers of wool at once to survive the freeze. The cold snap hit us here a couple of weeks ago, which means my winter woollies are arriving back in my wardrobe one by one.



I thought I’d start out with a little experiment to see what garments I’m actually wearing this winter. I cleared a rack in my bedroom and only popped a garment on after I had worn it. After a few weeks I can now see the collection has revealed not just what garments I’m still in love with, but the colours I’m more attracted to when feeling cold.

There are a lot of earthy tones like greys browns, burnt orange and warm shades of purple. I was quite surprised that this showed the natural subconscious attraction to warmer colours in the cooler climate. I always thought I like to wear bright colours all the time, but this proves otherwise! Now when I think about it, on a real hot day I do go for the most colourful garments I can find, maybe to trick my mind into cooling me down, but also because I’m feeling festive and want to  celebrate the sunshine.

It also revealed that I mainly snap up winter woolies that are extremely oversize.  A good tip to fit your other winter woolies underneath, have fun with layering and to feel like you’re embraced in a big warm blanket all day.


You can do this experiment too at home by turning all your coat hangers one way and switching them around the other way after you have worn a garment. It’s a great way to reveal what garments you still love to wear and which ones you can feel better about letting go of.

OK, time to re-fill the hot water bottle, make sure you’re keeping warm too!

Tann x

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