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Blogcademy Scholarship Entry – Auckland 2014

H E L L O !!

It’s been quiet on the blog recently because I’ve spent the last month re learning After Effects to make my (very importantBlogcademy Scholarship Video Entry !! If you haven’t heard of  The Blogcademy then please head over to the website and meet GalaKat and Shauna. They are the most inspirational, successful (and coolest) ladies with mad individual skills sets, who have put together a jam packed, fun filled 2 day blogging workshop  sharing their wisdom with other bloggers. I really need their help to grow and keep my blog alive. So WISH ME LUCK to win this amazing scholarship to attend The Blogcademy this December !!




Hi i’m Tannia Lee and I’m an alternative fashion stylist, slash, vintage enthusiast, slash street style photographer.  In 2010 my dreams came true when I opened my vintage clothing shop in Wellington called Most Wanted Vintage. I had finally found my calling, by creating a job which perfectly matched my skill set. But unfortunately this did not reflect in the books and after 2 amazing years, sadly we had to close up shop. My husband grabbed a job opportunity which led us to Dunedin and we have since put the shop online.
In 2013 my fashion blog ‘Tannicorn Styles It’ was born.
I started shooting my own looks to inspire people to experiment and have fun with vintage and pre-loved clothing, a sustainable fashion industry that I want to see grow. I found a love for discovering new local crafters, jewellers, designers, pre-loved and vintage clothing stores, and promoting their wares and shops by featuring their items in my weekly outfit posts.  There’s so much amazing local talent out there and I want to share my finds with everyone. I learned from experience just how hard it is to get a small business off the ground, so it feels GREAT to help others in the same boat.


 Photo by Peter McIntosh for the ODT.

I have been directly affected by the recession, being made redundant 3 times while working for (very cool) small creative businesses. My skills are quite niche, which means there are no job opportunities within my industry in a small city like Dunedin. This drives my dream for my online shop and blog to be my full time job, so I can at least employ myself!
I have a great little following, and love what I do, but after 4 years my shop and blog still do not profit, but end up costing me money and many unpaid hours. Working on my blog can take time and attention away from my online store, so as a result my sales drop, cause I ain’t keepin it FRESH. After completing my Media Arts Degree 9 years ago it would be lovely to finally be paid for my skills, especially with a gigantic student loan still to pay back!

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 5.09.36 pm

 Photo still from the Blogcademy ‘About Us‘  video by FX Media

Help me next level my blog to reach my dream of being a full-time job
Continue to promote small business and brands
Meet like minded bloggers across the land
Give me your tough love critiques
Advise me how to stop the blog costing me
Help me out of this unemployment rut
With your magic glitter, cupcakes and motivational kick in the butt.


Thanks for  watching !!
Tann x


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