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Crazy Christmas Traditions

Well I survived my first sober Christmas (in yonkies) due to the bun in my oven and it was just as fun as always. The silly family photo has become a Bruce Clan tradition over the past few decades. Pulling a silly face at our house doesn’t quite cut it tho, so it has evolved into raiding the wardrobes and grabbing anything random to stick on your head. Here we are with our North Island family visiting on Boxing day. Can you spot the meerkat?


Just look at my cute nephew Mackay wearing his racoon mask we gave him for Christmas. Another tradition that we have stuck with over the past 5 years is that we only buy the kids locally handcrafted gifts from local shops.  Our new fave store is Doodlefish where the owner makes these gorgeous animal felt masks herself!



I think my Aunty wins most original headpiece……yes that is a meerkat!



Our 3rd tradition at Christmas is that we always dress our mannequin Frankie up AKA The Festive Frankie Tree. Definitely a sustainable and fun way to decorate as well as getting my wedding skirt out for some fresh air. Here are some more sustainable and creative christmas tree ideas here. I love the ladder ideas!


This year’s Festive Frankie Tree headpiece is a combo of vintage scarves, christmas lights, my custom made fruit crown by Pop That Cassette and a couple of my fave cat badges by Needlebot Crafts. Frankie’s new mermaid wig was found at the Sallies in N.E.V.


Christmas day with the South Island family


Frankie all lit up, looking out at Dunedin City and Peninsula. I wish I could convince my husband to keep her up all year, but his tradition is to take the decorations down before the newyear or it’s bad luck! So tonight she is stripped off and put back in our entrance to greet guests. (she is good at that I s’pose).



Hope you all enjoy your Christmas traditions, whether you continue to hold onto your faves, or make them up yourselves!

Tann x

Photos owned by Tannia Lee



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