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I scored this whimsical 90s mermaid print dress from my friends shop Fox Brownie Retro on a recent trip to Wellington. Inga was always very supportive of Most Wanted Vintage when it was in Aro Valley and it was cool to have the roles switched where I was the customer shopping for gems in her lovingly handpicked vintage clothing shop. She also sells her own designer label Recidivist in store too along with offering a professional dressmaking and alteration service. You can find them at 287 Cuba St.
HANDY TIP: Thanks-goodness I was wearing my new black mini slip that day, which made it so easy to try on dress after dress quickly with Inga doing up my zips and adjusting this and that. There was no anxiety or fuss of anyone seeing my oh-so-sexy maternity underwear, just that little black slip waving those worries away. Since figuring this out, I wear it every time I go shopping, especially after so many experiences of people pulling open your curtain while uncomfortably exposed. I’m sure this has happened to us all?!


Dress | Vintage 90s print from Fox Brownie Retro
Earrings | Handmade by Agtesa soutache
Shoes | Platforms preloved from the OUSA Market
Bag | Lime preloved from the Hanover St Hospice
Head Scarf | Vintage 90s tasseled wrap from Most Wanted Vintage

23 weeks and exciting the advancements so far are good kicks to the ribs!


I bought these gorgeous handmade earrings by Agtesa soutache for my ID Dunedin Fashion Week outfit last year. I love how they have an organic underwater or out in space aliens feel to them. Plus they are HUGE, bigger the better I always say!




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Photos owned by Tannia Lee


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