ID Dunedin Fashion Week, Tannicorn Styles It

IDFW – Emerging Designer Awards Night – Outfit

Incase you haven’t heard, it’s iD Dunedin fashion Week, and I’m capturing event and street style as part of iD Media! I’m also sharing as many of my my own looks this week with the aim to shine a spotlight on vintage and inject more colour into the crowds.
I’ve never been to the International Emerging Designer Awards, so am pretty pumped to see some design risks that are really over the top! Tanya Carlson, one of the judges says “Wearability does come into it, but it is not the overriding factor”. So I am hoping to see some really quirky, unique ideas! My outfit for tonight has a dodgy wearability factor as I also have to carry my big camera bag to snap some street style before the show, which will be tricky (and not so glamorous). But I just can’t resist showcasing this amazing violet crochet cape! It doesn’t deserve to stay home because I want to take photos. Fingers crossed it works out!


Dress | From Finders Keepers Boutique
Cape | Vintage Crochet from polanski_beat, trademe member
Hat | Vintage from the Hospice Shop on Hanover St
Shoes | Vintage from Most Wanted Vintage
Belt | Vintage from Finders Keepers Boutique
Socks | Orange merino and pink/red cotton, new from Farmers
Brooch | Vintage from Most Wanted Vintage


And now for some action, as the cape transforms into some mystical bird wings.




Simply joined by a gold, lilac jewel brooch found among my treasures.





Photos owned by Tannia Lee 

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