ID Dunedin Fashion Week, Tannicorn Styles It

IDFW – Friday Show Outfit

Woohoo, it’s been another great ID Dunedin Fashion Week! Every year I try to out-do the previous outfit i’ve worn to the Friday Show, making sure I represent vintage and locally handmade feature pieces. This year I teamed up with Sarah from Mean Streak Vintage in Auckland. She creates these amazing dramatic headpieces and I knew I had to have one for IDFW! Sarah is open to inquiries about making custom pieces  (music to my ears) and after an enthusiastic  yes to making a collab crown, I sent her photos of my dress fabric. I was pretty blown away after seeing the first prototype, which didn’t need any alterations and don’t think she could’ve done a better job  matching the colours and capturing the overall vibe.

Believe it or not this crown is a size small! Check out more of her designs here.


Dress | The Bread and Butter Letter
Shrug | Brown Street Bespoke
Flower Crown | Mean Streak Vintage
Necklace | Most Wanted Vintage
Earrings | Most Wanted Vintage


This stunning shrug was designed by Amanda from Brown Street Bespoke – Design, Vintage and Fashion. I started with some white fake fur, as there are very limited colour options here in Dunedin. Then I hand dyed it lilac to compliment the dress. Since this was a first attempt at dying fur, I got the water temperature a bit too hot and ended up frizzle frying the once beautifully long fur into this messy looking animal from the muppets. This wild scruffy mess actually grew on me as it was different and not so serious as all the other fake furs out there. Working with Amanda was so fun and easy! She is super enthusiastic and I got to experience how professional and knowledgeable she is about dress making. She hand-cut an original pattern and sculptured the first draft out of canvas. The fitting went well, took about 5 minutes, then a couple days later she dropped off the shrug all wrapped up in tissue like a birthday pressie! Amanda is also one of my stallholders at The Vintage Roundup, selling vintage and her own original textile designs.  Make sure you check out her blog and Facebook page.



I scored this gorgeous 1970s maxi dress from  The Bread and Butter Letter – Vintage and Gift Shop in Auckland while attending The Blogcademy course in December. I knew right away it was an IDFW Friday Show dress, not just because it’s so stunning, but because I could have the biggest baby bump I wanted at 7 months and it would still fit like a dream.




So much fabric!




Photos owned by Tannia Lee

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