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Just Right Black & White

I never wear white, probably because growing up I was always climbing trees and rolling around with our pigs in the paddock (especially after a litter of piglets were born). We soon learned that any white clothing would return home a shade of green or brown, so it was pretty much banned from my wardrobe.

My Aunty Adair actually picked this dress out from the Bond St Hospice after I asked her to look out for anything tight and stretchy for my growing bump. Being a black and white dress (boring) I would’ve gone straight past it on the rack, but was encouraged to try it on and so glad I did! I’ve added some colour, of course and bam, I actually love it.  So today I have learned that trying on other people’s clothing suggestions, (no matter how picky or confident you are with your style) may actually surprise you! Everyone has a different eye, so why not test them out.


Dress | Handmade from the Bond St Hospice
Bag | Vintage patchwork from Most Wanted Vintage
Overdress | 90s floral button up maxi from Shop on Carroll
Shoes | Vintage from the Bond St Hospice
Head crown | Handmade by Kabuki Doll
Earrings | Tassels from ‘Something Cool’ in Wellington




During my 28 week scan, my mysterious baby still wont reveal what sex he/she is! Keeping us guessing and those legs tightly shut! Bugsy was even facing towards by back, so the only good 3D photo we got was of the back of the head and an ear. Little rascal!





Photos owned by Tannia Lee


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