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Woohoo!  I just passed my restricted licence test! Ok, so you’re probably wondering why a 30 something year old was sitting on their learner’s licence for about 14 years? To tell you the truth I’ve had a big fear of driving most of my life, maybe due to being in a few really bad car accidents in my younger years, not really sure. But to me, it’s always felt so dangerous and not enjoyable at all. I do however enjoy to walk and catch buses, where I can daydream all the way to my destination. You can then add the fact that I also have a fear of tests, and put the two together and it’s my personal nightmare. So actually getting to the point of sitting this test was a pretty big deal, especially when you hear how hard it is to pass. My instructor told me that Dunedin had a 50% pass rate and it has only recently gone up to 69%. This doesn’t surprise me though cause if you’ve driven in Dunedin, then you’ve witnessed some pretty bad drivers!

Street art by Sean Duffell


Plus, there’s nothing like a baby on the way to get your A into G! And a little help from that pregnancy hormone called Relaxin, which over the past 29 weeks has definitely chilled me out enough to drive and sit the test!


Dress | Vintage velvet from Emporium Vintage
Belt | Bond St Hospice Shop
Hat | Vintage wool from Savemart
Boots | 90’s Spice Girl (Pulp) boots from Savemart
Necklace | Vintage from Most Wanted Vintage




Photos owned by Tannia lee





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