ID Dunedin Fashion Week, Street Style

IDFW – Adair Bruce

ID Dunedin Fashion Week is way more fun when you go with someone who is as enthusiastic as you to hunt out vintage feature pieces to wear to the shows!
Each year my Aunt Adair and I hit the pre-loved and vintage clothing shops in Dunedin months before IDFW to source options. Our outfits then change and morph over time as we find better accessories or dresses that blow our other dresses out of the water.   We love to support local businesses and crafters,  so this year Adair had a fresh flower headpiece designed and made by The Flower shop in Roslyn. What’s also special about Adair’s outfit is that she bought along a piece of my Nana (who loved fashion as much as us) in the form of a pearl beaded vest she bought from Hong Kong in the 1970s. Last year Adair wore Nana’s petticoat and the year before that a vintage hat. I wonder what piece of Nana will be incorporated into Adair’s Friday Show outfit next year?


Dress | 1970s from Shop on Carroll
Waistcoat | Adair’s Mums 1970s beaded pearls from Hong Kong
Hair Corsage | Freshly made from The Flower Shop in Roslyn
Clutch | Pre-loved from the Sallies in North East Valley
Necklace | Pearls from Lovisa
Bracelets | Wood + leather from Yaks & Yetis | Silver from Michael Hill
Coat | Adair’s Mums 1970s faux fur made by Cordera NZ
Shoes | New from Tangos with added shoe clips
Rings | Lovisa







The railway station catwalk is outside, so you have to bring something to keep you warm!


….and we’re off to the Friday Show!


You can view the rest of my Friday Show outfit post here

Photos owned by Tannia Lee



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