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The Baby Shower

Wow, I’m still buzzing from my super fun baby shower the other weekend! My cousin Lauren organised the party for me, which was FAB ’cause I wouldn’t know where to start! She flew down from Hamilton with a most of her suitcase full of baby shower games and baby gear that we had no idea about. What on earth is a taggy, a sleep sack and a cot bumper? After the weekend I’m sure feeling much more educated!

Thanks to this bunch below for joining us in celebrating the near arrival of Bugsy! I really appreciated the generous gifts in the form of very cool hand-me-downs, pre-loved goodies from op shops and even personally hand knitted clothing. Amaze!

Check out this amazing hand knitted dog face onsie i’m holding, made by Eden !! (Far left), who is also growing a cute bump.


There were sweet treats! Look I even tried to be a little bit healthy…



Hmmm, then I just gave in to eating chocolate…


I whipped up this drinks menu for the day (nice pun I know….)




Lauren enjoying a champagne cocktail and I’m having a kicks and punch mocktail.


Woohoo, fun games! Everyone had to make a baby out of play-dough, it was hilarious, can you spy the demon baby? Oh sorry I think it was a cat baby. I had no idea my husband was so good at sculpture with his green baby (I mean,  when do we ever sculpt together?) And Becky didn’t forget to add a placenta with her baby. It’s all in the details.


I’ve been playing around with outfits with clothes that were bought from op shops, gifted hand me downs and cool crafters I have found on Trademe and Felt. Below these cool pants are from Littles Boutique. I’m obsessed and can’t stop buying them as she keeps uploading new fabrics and prints!


Oh man, this is fun putting together tiny outfits, I can’t seem to stop!  Far right is a snuggly cardy that my Aunty Adair knitted.


Cool ‘Little Lion’ theme going on here and my Aunty just let me know that our family motto is ‘Strong as a Lion’. Sounds like our Scottish side to me?! My very talented friend Kim made the little crochet lion girl….skills!


Feeling pretty ready to pop now at 38 weeks! She’s apparently a little Buddah (my radiologist at my last scan said, after spying her podgy cheeks). Her estimated weight so far is over 9 pound. Eek! The whole theory that “cause I’m small I’ll have a small baby” has totally gone out the window!

Huge thanks to Lauren for flying all the way from Hams and putting on such a fun baby shower! And for everyone who has came, messaged me kind and supportive words, sent gifts. I’m feeling very lucky to have you all in our lives x





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