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Frame it up !!

It is confirmed that our darling Nova has amblyopia (lazy eye) & will have to wear glasses to help straighten her eye & prevent her brain from switching it off altogether. We’re also hoping to save her 3D vision! Here she is trying on her first pair of frames from Fairmaid Chance & Crawford. We think they look pretty cool! They are purple, just like our fave TMNT friend Donatello (the scientific & tech genius of the group).

Such a shame to cover up her beautiful eyes, but so much fun to be had accessorising! There is not much choice for under 2yr old frames, so here we are trailing the most common indestructible brand that also comes in mint. They are super bendy for all those bumps and knocks and if we choose this pair, they will put safety glass in them.


Nova checking herself out with glasses on in the mirror. There was a lot of squealing!


We just got her prescription today at the hospital and the figures where not what we were expecting. Her right eye is 5.5 and her left is 7.5! It’s quite a shock for us as parents as we don’t see her struggling at all, especially when she picks up and passes us tiny cat hairs which I can only just see with my glasses on! We have to trust that all the tests are correct and that this is the only way we can help Nova’s eyesight. So right now she is trying very hard to see and the glasses will help her relax. Hopefully she notices the difference and the transition to wearing frames full time is a smooth one. If you’ve gone through this too, any tips are welcome!

Tann x



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