Behind The Scenes, Nova Vogue

Kick the Cabin Fever

About time we rugged up and snapped some shots outside! The look on Nova’s face says it all “Thanks for getting us out of the house mum”. We visited the Dunedin Botanical Gardens just when the sun was going down, which was a nice way to spend the evening other than going room to room in dizzy circles around the house, playing with the same toys and reading the same books. Winter can cause a bit of cabin fever and you’ve got to get out before it sets in and takes your sanity!

I’ve been patiently waiting a whole year for Nova to fit this gorgeous colourful hand knit from friend Sue.  I’m not complaining either, as it’s been fun having amazing pieces like this in her wardrobe to look forward to! And she looks just as adorable as I expected, kind of like a little pixie slash acorn fairy.


Nova perfecting her fashion poses


Letting Nova run free outside is ‘next level’ anxiety for me as nothing is baby-proof.  I suppose it’s good practice for me to see she’s fine but, crap there’s a duck pond, there’s a huge pile of duck poop and over there a dodgy looking dog.

Eyes on Nova at all times!!

“I like this nature stuff, mum.”

“Yes Nova, but remember we look at it, not choke on it, thank-you”


“Woo, running on concrete is awesome mum”

“Eeek Nova, it’s not like our carpet at home, slow down!”



Luckily when she grows out of this pixie acorn fairy coat, we have another one to look forward to.
So many gorgeous knits found in Dunedin!


Photos by Tannia Lee

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