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The Sunshine Room Reveal

This is the happiest room in our vibrant 1960s (but 70s makeover) home, not just because it’s covered in bright yellow floral wallpaper or cause the afternoon sun fills the room with glasshouse warmth, but cause it’s  the room that Nova has spent her first year growing up in. So many adorable memories starting off as a wee swaddled pea pod in her bassinet, then once outgrown was transferred to the cot. She looked so tiny in it compared to now where she is bouncing around it like a trampoline.   Nova is surrounded by all her best toy friends, where each morning we will walk around the room to say good morning, and blow a kiss to. When we pull the blinds to let the sunlight in it almost always sets off the smoke alarm! At first she couldn’t hear that frequency, but now she clings to me like a little monkey wondering why her ears just got assaulted during her first dreamy wake up moments. No matter how much googling i’ve done, this weird phenomenon still remains a mystery to us.

Here’s Nova having some Tiger time wearing a gorgeous knitted vest handmade by her Great Aunt Adair, a Mini Rodini tiger onesie gifted by her Aunt Donna and Tigger ears thrifted from the North Dunedin Sallies.


I became slightly obsessed with collecting 60s coloured cane baskets this year, which feature throughout the nursery. I had some pom pom sticks custom made by LOLA + FOX – who actually specialise in home decor and on trend miniature home decor decorations. A must see!


Gorgeous swan lamp from Fallow and Fox


Fun 3d fox sticker set from a random $2 shop in South Dunedin. Nova loves to push them in and make a pop sound.


I just can’t get enough of these coloured cane baskets thrifted from assorted op shops and love this stunned looking Monster from Moi St Clair


Found this purple tutu at Box of Birds in Port Chalmers and NZ handcrafted buck and doe from Fully Woolly


I am yet to give them names! Any suggestions are more than welcome, before they become called  ‘Buck and Doe’.


On the bookshelf you’ll spy handmade jewellery boxes by Nana Glamour which have become the perfect home for keeping all of Nova’s finger puppets.



Our beautiful wall mounted ‘Swanson’,  handmade in NZ by Cupcake Cutie Craft


On the left is Nova’s growth chart from Blackbird Gifts and to the right a detailed floral embroidery from Shop on Carroll


She has sprouted to 73.3cm – 1 year old.



You wouldn’t believe it, but this vintage cane coolie chair became the perfect (comfy) nursing chair – scored from the Bond St Hospice.  Also featuring our hand embroidered pillow by Nova’s Great Aunt Adair. On the right is a custom made kids industrial rack  (just like mama’s big ones for The Vintage Roundup!) which was a baby shower gift from Nova’s Papa, Dylan.


There have been many hours spent and thousands of photos taken in this room! That’s if I calculate around 80 shots per Nova Vogue photoshoot. Most of them taken in the cot looking up at the camera like this photo of Nova,


Most of the shots are cropped in, so you would never know…..we’ll maybe the yellow duckie sheets give it away?


Now we are shooting playtime outside the cot (lets be honest we can’t both fit in the cot now anyway!)


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Thanks for checking it out, we love to share this amazing home.

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