Our Last Night in Strath Palace + The Details

It’s our last night in this beautiful house we call Strath Palace! It’s been an amazing 2 years living here, enjoying all the untouched features from the 1970s. A vintage lovers, slash stylist’s dream come true! Thank-you universe for gifting us this super colourful and creative phase in our lives.

I thought I’d share with you some of the gorgeous details that Frankie and  NZ House and Garden mag may have missed… seriously, there was  just too much cool stuff to choose from… Continue Reading

Frame it up !!

It is confirmed that our darling Nova has amblyopia (lazy eye) & will have to wear glasses to help straighten her eye & prevent her brain from switching it off altogether. We’re also hoping to save her 3D vision! Here she is trying on her first pair of frames from Fairmaid Chance & Crawford. We think they look pretty cool! They are purple, just like our fave TMNT friend Donatello (the scientific & tech genius of the group). Continue Reading

The Sunshine Room Reveal

This is the happiest room in our vibrant 1960s (but 70s makeover) home, not just because it’s covered in bright yellow floral wallpaper or cause the afternoon sun fills the room with glasshouse warmth, but cause it’s  the room that Nova has spent her first year growing up in. So many adorable memories starting off as a wee swaddled pea pod in her bassinet, then once outgrown was transferred to the cot. She looked so tiny in it compared to now where she is  Continue Reading

Kick the Cabin Fever

About time we rugged up and snapped some shots outside! The look on Nova’s face says it all “Thanks for getting us out of the house mum”. We visited the Dunedin Botanical Gardens just when the Continue Reading


Yay, our little babe is now a 1 year old! Watching her grow and her personality unfold the past year has been amazing! But more on that in my 12 Month Nova Vogue Post coming up next week…

The most common advice I was given during the first year was to Continue Reading

My Birth Story (not too gory)

Well, it all starts here, 3.20am Wednesday morning 10th June. My waters broke (thank-goodness it happened during one of my many trips to the loo that night, because I can’t remember if I unplugged my electric blanket). Feeling too excited and nervous, we stayed up the rest of the morning getting things ready ’cause you don’t know how fast everything could progress. Continue Reading

Crazy Christmas Traditions

Well I survived my first sober Christmas (in yonkies) due to the bun in my oven and it was just as fun as always. The silly family photo has become a Bruce Clan tradition over the past few decades. Pulling a silly face at our house doesn’t quite cut it tho, so it has evolved into Continue Reading

Down to the Den

I think everyone needs their man cave, lair, hideout shed or den to escape to. In our case we have an internal access garage under the house, which is perfect for hanging out cooking pizzas on the BBQ pizza fire oven, storing all the stock for the online shop and even has a bonus Continue Reading