A Bun in the Oven

You may have heard I’m currently knocked up and super excited to finally be able to share the news! Gone is the stress of making up excuses why I can’t attend your social event or have you around for dinner.  The truth is, I wasn’t avoiding you I’ve just had really bad Continue Reading

Psychedelic Spring

I’m definitely loving the idea of of a Psychedelic Spring! And by that I don’t mean taking lots of trippy drugs, but by wearing lots of trippy prints. Here i’ve mixed in a bit of a tribal theme with this amazing 60s/70s velvet maxi skirt (the feature piece by far). I think what these two genres have in common is Continue Reading

Oh Deer

Wowzers, I just love this 70s purple maxi dress from Restore! What you can’t see is how the frills dance when you walk, sort of like an octopus gliding along the the bottom of the sea floor. I scored these rare peacock coloured cowboy boots from the Continue Reading

Hello Shoes There?

Introducing the Bloom Room !! This is probably my favourite room in our ‘untouched’ 1960s home. But then again, I do change my mind every 5mins, you’ll see why once I’ve Continue Reading

Down to the Den

I think everyone needs their man cave, lair, hideout shed or den to escape to. In our case we have an internal access garage under the house, which is perfect for hanging out cooking pizzas on the BBQ pizza fire oven, storing all the stock for the online shop and even has a bonus Continue Reading

Snow Kimono

Wowzers, we woke at 3am to the sound of cars skidding and sliding down Stuart Street this morning. Quite a terrifying sound knowing that they do not have any control of their vehicles, on quite a steady steep slope. The hubs and I watched out our window for Continue Reading

Kitschy Kitchen

We’ve moved house !! And WOW Just check out our new kitchen in this ‘untouched’ 1960s home. We’re LOVING the vintage wallpapers which feature in every room of this house, can’t wait to show you more !! Keep an eye on the blog as we feature a different room each week. Continue Reading

Cape Town

Today is super cold around 5 degrees so about time I featured this amazing 1960s wool cape coat. It was also raining during our location hunt, so very lucky we spied some a bright orange roller doors under cover, which created this bold colour clash. In the past i’ve always been someone who Continue Reading

Picasso Styles

I was SUPER excited when I saw this rare one-of-a-kind knitted 80s dress on Trademe and SUPER surprised that I had no bidding war to win it! Imagine how many hours it took to knit this masterpiece? I feel extremely fortunate to have scored this cosy, warm, colourful, vibrant and happy piece of hard work. My headpiece is my 3rd purchase from the amazing Continue Reading