Nova Vogue Collection| 3-6 Months

Wow, Nova is now 6 months old!  Just when I thought I had the hang of shooting Nova in fun outfits each week, she discovers how to roll over! At first this is super exciting as you watch your wee bub advance from imitating a beetle on their back to rolling over into what is known as ‘the superman’.  She is suddenly more mobile, yay! Or not so yay as you try to solve the rolling whilst mid-photoshoot, rolling whilst mid-nappy change and rolling from one side of the room to the other within seconds, out of sight, (panic) but usually found safely under the Continue Reading

Nova Vogue Collection | 0-3 Months

Over the past 3 months I’ve been having a blast dressing up my daughter Nova and shooting her outfits for the blog. Well actually the first month was quite tricky as I had never dressed a baby before and didn’t realise how difficult it was! She was so tiny and delicate that I felt like I might break her wee arms trying to squish them into tiny arm holes. A few times I must’ve popped her into something too small and had to call the husband for help to get her back out. If he wasn’t home I would’ve resorted cutting her out with scissors like they do in the Continue Reading


Yes! My first outfit post, post baby! Finding the time is a little tricky with a newborn, but thanks to my amazing husband he was able to wear Nova (in our new Tula baby carrier) and snap these shots out in the snow today. I think we’ve gone from 1-2 snow days a year to about 6 this year and at first it was really exciting, but now it’s just cold and troublesome.  Hmmm, the ‘new’ mother in me just sees all the hazards now like  Continue Reading

My Birth Story (not too gory)

Well, it all starts here, 3.20am Wednesday morning 10th June. My waters broke (thank-goodness it happened during one of my many trips to the loo that night, because I can’t remember if I unplugged my electric blanket). Feeling too excited and nervous, we stayed up the rest of the morning getting things ready ’cause you don’t know how fast everything could progress. Continue Reading

The Baby Shower

Wow, I’m still buzzing from my super fun baby shower the other weekend! My cousin Lauren organised the party for me, which was FAB ’cause I wouldn’t know where to start! She flew down from Hamilton with a most of her suitcase full of baby shower games and baby gear that we had no idea about. What on earth is a taggy, a sleep sack and a cot bumper? After the weekend I’m sure feeling much more educated! Continue Reading

IDFW – Adair Bruce

ID Dunedin Fashion Week is way more fun when you go with someone who is as enthusiastic as you to hunt out vintage feature pieces to wear to the shows!
Each year my Aunt Adair and I hit the pre-loved and vintage clothing shops in Dunedin months before IDFW to source options. Our outfits then change and morph over time as we Continue Reading

IDFW – Friday Show Outfit

Woohoo, it’s been another great ID Dunedin Fashion Week! Every year I try to out-do the previous outfit i’ve worn to the Friday Show, making sure I represent vintage and locally handmade feature pieces. This year I teamed up with Sarah from Mean Streak Vintage in Auckland. She creates these amazing dramatic headpieces and I knew I had to have one for IDFW! Sarah is open to inquiries about making custom pieces  (music to my ears) and after an enthusiastic  yes to making a collab crown, I sent her photos of my dress fabric. I was pretty blown away after seeing Continue Reading

On the Go Go

Woohoo!  I just passed my restricted licence test! Ok, so you’re probably wondering why a 30 something year old was sitting on their learner’s licence for about 14 years? To tell you the truth I’ve Continue Reading